Are High School Students Learning About Life?

Going to high school and graduating is essential for every child’s life so they can thrive in the future. It’s a cornerstone of the educational experience, and without those four years, it is much more difficult to be successful in life. But are all the classes really important? The even better question is: are high school students missing one of the most important keys to life?

When I went through high school I always thought to myself, “When am I ever going to use an equation to measure the volume of a pyramid, or how will knowing the classes of bacteria benefit my life.” There are so many important things that I wish I knew before leaving high school that would have really helped me in my college career. It is almost like 20% of the educational fluff you learn in high school will only help you in random bar trivia. Why doesn’t school teach you ways to become knowledgeable in finance instead of dissecting a frog? The last job application I saw didn�t have a question on whether or not you know how to dissect a frog, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had to do it again. What I didn’t know is that when I left high school I would get bombarded with credit cards and student loan packages. I basically thought that all this money that is being given to me is free. Wrong. Extremely wrong.

What happens when you don’t pay your bills, credit cards, or default on your student loans? Many freshmen in college go through this process. Right when they turn 18 they receive a pre-approval in the mail with a $1000.0 credit limit. Like I discussed in a previous post (Social inSecurity), should we leave this heavy burden of how teach our kids financial advice up to parents that also need to be taught the simple rules of saving? I don’t think so. High school juniors and seniors need to be taught why personal finance is going to be one of the most important parts of their lives.

There is a simple curriculum that needs to be introduced to the upper level high school students to handle the college lifestyle, and a key to financial freedom.


Budget & Banking
Making a healthy and fun budget
Good spending and bad spending
Paying yourself first and automation

Loans & Interest
Student loans and consolidations
Credit Cards
Car Loans
Mortgages/Home Loans/Equity Loans

FICO/Credit Score
Why its so important
Do’s and Don’ts
How to improve

Investments & Planning
Buying a House
401(k) and 403(b)
Wills and Trusts


This set of courses would prepare students for the real world. Our country would no longer look like a financial mess if the younger generation wouldn’t have to worry about Social Security, or pension plans. They would learn why it is important to be proactive in politics, and in personal finance. It would empower the youth and give them the ability to live life the way they want.

*Do you think there are classes that need to be introduced in high school? Do you like the idea of a personal finance class introduced in high school? Please feel free to comment on this post*