Illegal Immigrants. Friends or Foes?

Every news station you watch these days will always have something new about illegal immigrants. On Fox News you will always hear how illegals are ruining America because they are not paying taxes, yet they are using our health care facilities, America’s oil, and stealing lower class jobs. Have you heard any real positives about illegal immigrants?

Let me tell you a quick lesson in history. Ever since the beginning of civilization, societies with the most power were able to use cheap labor efficiently which gave them a huge advantage when it came to their economics. Egypt had slaves, Rome had the lower class and slaves, England had the Irish and Scottish, and early America had immigrants in the North and slaves in the South.

Now that most civilized nations have made the use of slaves illegal, how are developed countries able to survive against growing countries like India, China, and Indonesia without exploiting cheap labor? Lower class? I think not. There are too many labor laws which make it harder for businesses to decrease their prices for goods and services. What about outsourcing? This scenario can sometimes work for big businesses, but for small and medium businesses it just isn’t cost efficient. Illegal immigrants? They aren’t “technically” protected by any labor laws, they are in desperate need of work, and they increase the margin of profit for businesses by lowering down wage expenses.

I think that exploiting illegal immigrants as sub-human, paying them much less then the average day laborer, and not giving them any kind of benefits is immoral. On the other hand, letting illegal immigrants live in the U.S. without paying taxes, living the American lifestyle (best medicine, better neighborhoods, cheap energy, ect.), and letting their children go to public schools on the taxpayer dollar is also extremely wrong.

I do believe that President Obama ’s Immigration Plan is a positive step to control immigration. But how can we make the “‘they don’t pay any taxes’ people” happy? Well, I am a strong believer in tax reform and the Fair Tax Plan is a great way to make most people content. The tax plan (in summary) makes any one, whether they are Americans, illegal immigrants, or just people visiting America, pay the same amount of taxes.

Immigration will have a serious affect if America wants to be number one in the global market. Many other developing nations do not have the same labor laws as the U.S. and Canada which makes it a struggle to compete. Hopefully, in the future India and China will have the same labor laws which will make the world a level playing field.

Please read the Fair Tax Plan and if you think it will benefit America get involved by learning more about the plan, writing your representative, and signing the petition.